Plug-In Adult Buckle

  • bsi
  • vca
  • trl
  • vti

Initially designed to fit in the Superclub, so that bigger children or even adults can sit in the two outer seats and use the car's existing lap and diagonal belt, we now have this option on the outer seats of all models.

The buckle must only be used if the child is older/bigger than the child seat requirements in your country. 

Normally, the buckle is hidden under the seat cushion and can be pulled out when required. Please watch Tutorial video for demonstration.

Can be retro-fitted. Only available for models made 2014+ 

The Plug in buckle is not approved for use with a traditional rear facing child seat and neither we nor the other child seat manufacturer would accept any liability for any accident resulting from its use. The Minimac must always be used. 

Safety fitted as standard

Multimac has been developed and tested involving BSI, VCA (Vehicle Certification Agency) , TRL (Transport Research Laboratory). The British Government and The European Government as well as VTI in Sweden. It has been granted international patents and cannot be copied.

It all adds up to a unique multiple child seat that is safe, secure and made to the highest possible standards.